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All Vertical Gardens come either unplanted or planted with established plants. The system comes as DIY, supply and install or supply, install and planted.

Large commercial gardens are gladly and competently accepted and completed.


VersiWall Vertical Gardens.
Size 418mm x 925mm.
Each kit has one mounting panel & 12 self locking pots. The VersiWall is an easy to install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system, with a choice of mounting, planting density and growth media options to suit different wall conditions. Can fit to walls, hang on mesh and colourbond fences. Intergrated watering system available upon request. VersiWall can be made into any size and dimension.

Unplanted | Cost per kit: Low Density (8 pots per module), includes watering system $203 inc. GST plus freight
Unplanted | Cost per kit: High Density (12 pots per module) includes watering system $236 inc. GST plus freight



Jupiwall 35-12. NEW
Covers 1m2.
Has 12 frames and 36 pots.

Kits $194 inc. GST



Ready made drip feed systems with perpetual timer for connection to tap for the VersiWall panel: $98 inc. GST

Ready made drip feed systems without a timer for high density (12 pots) watering system: $50 inc. GST

Ready made drip feed systems without a timer for low density (8 pots) watering system: $45 inc. GST


Intergrated Watering system with perpetual timer for Jupiwall System.

$72 inc. GST


The Vertical Green Screen.
This system is made 1m wide x 2.3m high. It comes with 25 pots. Pot colours are red, black, white, green or terracotta. The frames are white or black but can be coloured by request. This system can be watered by hand or by reticulation. Custom sizes can be made. Wide variety of pot colours.

Unplanted: $980 inc. GST | Planted: $1,370 inc. GST

This Tower Garden is suitable for small areas, reception areas, work stations and homes etc. Self watering with pump etc. Height is 2m x 400 x 400mm. Plants included.

$1,400 inc. GST



Stainless steel wire trellis system. NEW
Sets of standoffs with plugs for installation into walls for 2mm stainless steel wire.
Set of 12 would cover 600 x 1200mm or 800 x 1500mm depending on spacings.

Set of 12: $79.20

Plus freight.



JPW 16-10. NEW

This is a 4L pot for large plants designed to hang on e distinguish mesh panel.
There are 10 pots per kit.

Cost $190 inc. GST
The watering system is $75 inc. GST



For Hire. NEW
Mobile vertical gardens.
1m x 2.1m fully planted and self contined watering system.
Delivery and pickup in Perth area included in price.

$550 inc. GST per full week | $440 inc. GST per three day weekend



Roof Gardens.
Both Commercial and residential.

Price on application.



Polymide felt for DIY awkward shaped vertical gardens. NEW

$55 inc. GST lineal metre x 2m wide, $50 inc. GST lineal metre x 1.5m



Both hydroponic and soil blends vertical gardens made to customers specifications.

Price on application.

12 Plantas. NEW

These plantas are not pot plants they are for standing your prized plants in at the front door or patio to show them off. Made from zincalum they range in size from 500 - 700mm high. They are sold in sets of three.

Cost per set is $140 inc. GST



Note - All prices are plus freight.

V-Gardens-LogoEnhancing their client's gardens with add-on garden art or customised lighting is easy enough by using unique pieces often created for a specific client or garden is where Ray's skills as an artist comes into play.


Ray's studio, AVAGANDA turns out wall plaques in concrete, resin, or cast metals such as copper, bronze, brass and pewter. These are from originals commissioned for clients such as the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeriah in Dubai or from ruins such as Persepolis in Iran, just to name a few.

Working with skilled sculptors here in Perth he regularly creates commissioned pieces for numerous overseas galleries and clients. Wall and fence screen panels, garden gates, planter boxes all so very different can be made for you, the individualist gardener. Now with his new medium of living plants he is again pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Garden Rescue

However Ray and Susanne will never discard their gardening roots and with their garden landscaping company Garden Rescue continue to turn peoples gardens into areas of tranquility and lovely ambiance. Ray is a qualified Landscaper and Horticulturalist, Susanne a Horticulturalist and their specialty of creating exotic tropical or small courtyard gardens that work is gaining them renown for their skills.

They are specialising in small garden and courtyards. They can turn a dull hot spot into a beautiful cool haven. Espaliered trees grown back onto walls, is a lovely feature they use a lot of, in creating cooler gardens.

Roof Gardens, a relatively new concept is gaining popularity. Vertical Gardens WA is fully experienced in creating uplifitng green areas for space strapped clients. Any garden on the ground can be reproduced on a roof. The benefits are numerous. Apart from a coveted garden, the insulation from heat, cold and noise is impressive. With almost no excess water run off and improved air quality and appreciation of home values why wouldn't anyone want one.

Contact UsFor Vertical Garden enquiries please contact Michael Nielsen at Vertical Gardens WA by phone on 0409 290 399 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mosswall *NEW*


New Jupiwall 35-12

Covers 1m2 and has 12 frames and 36 pots. More Details.

New Jupiwall 35-12

Garden Totems

Concrete or timber, any size or design. POA.


Hire gardens, such as this one for the 2018 Hopman Cup, are available upon request

Hire Garden from Vertical Gardens WA

The Latest Garden Light from Avaganda

Latest Living Garden Light